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 ■ Chargers
  Cell Master Legend
  Hybrid PRO AC/DC Balance Charger & Discharger & 24A Power Supply
  Hybrid AC/DC Balance Charger&Discharge
 ■ Chargers, Accessories
  CTX-C Cell Master
  CTX-C Cell Master Marc Rheinard Ver
  CTX-C Cell Master Andy Moore Ver
  CTX-Lipo Charge
  ACDC Silent Charger Platinum Black LCD
  Silent Charger Platinum Black LCD
  Docking Station for Silent Charger
  Cell Balancer
  Cell Balancer Multi adapter AL Type
  LiPo Cell Balancer 2S Adapter
 ■ Dischargers
  CTX-D2 Discharger Platinum
  CTX-D2 Andy Moore
  DR.4K Discharger
  Cell Equalizer
  Pack Equalizer
  Cell Conditioner
  AAA Battery Charging, Discharging Holder for MINI-Z
  AAA Battery Individual Discharger for MINI-Z
 ■ Power Supply
  Power Master Legend / 40A
  CTX-P3 Power Master World Edition 2 EVO / 20A
  CTX-PM Power Master Mini / 7A
  Power Station Multi Distributor
  Power Station Mini Multi Distributor
  Power Terminal Extension Set
 ■ Batteries
Li-Po Battery
IMPACT FD Li-Po Battery
SOLID Li-Po Battery
Cell Battery
Much More 3800 Zap 6Cell
Much More 4500 Zap 6Cell
LiFe Battery
 ■ Charger Accessories
CTX-Regulator 3A for 7.4V Li-Po(Receiver)
CTX-Regulator 5A for 7.4V Li-Po(Receiver)
CTX-Regulator 7A for 7.4V Li-Po(Receiver)
Super Linear Regulator for 7.4V Li-Po(Receiver)
Li-Po Battery Volt Indicator (7.4V Regulator Option)
 ■ Speed Controller
Brushless ESC
FLETA 4.0 Brushless ESC Black, Blue (Includes LCD Program Card)
FLETA4 Brushless ESC Super Power Capacitor
Super Power Capacitor Type C for KO & Robitronic
Super Power Capacitor Type D for KO & Robitronic
ESC High RPM Cooling
FLETA4 Brushless ESC High RPM Cooling Fan
Fan Protect Plate
MR-FPPK Fan Protect Plate Black Color
MR-FPPB Fan Protect Plate BLUE Color
MR-FPPC Fan Protect Plate COBALT BLUE Color
MR-FPPR Fan Protect Plate RED Color
 ■ Brushless Motor
Brushless Motor
FLETA ZX 3.5T Brushless Motor
FLETA ZX 4.0T Brushless Motor
FLETA ZX 4.5T Brushless Motor
FLETA ZX 5.0T Brushless Motor
FLETA ZX 5.5T Brushless Motor
FLETA ZX 6.0T Brushless Motor
FLETA ZX 6.5T Brushless Motor
FLETA ZX 7.0T Brushless Motor
FLETA ZX 7.5T Brushless Motor
FLETA ZX 8.0T Brushless Motor
FLETA ZX 8.5T Brushless Motor
FLETA ZX 9.5T Brushless Motor
FLETA ZX 10.5T Brushless Motor Type-W
FLETA ZX 13.5T Brushless Motor Type-W
FLETA ZX 13.5T Brushless Motor Type-J
FLETA ZX 13.5T Brushless Motor Type-S
FLETA ZX 17.5T Brushless Motor Type-W
FLETA ZX 17.5T Brushless Motor Type-J
FLETA ZX 21.5T Brushless Motor Type-W
FLETA ZX 21.5T Brushless Motor Type-J
Modified Rotor
Stock Rotor
Front Housing with Screws
Aluminum Timing Cap
Timing Cap with Screws
Sensor Unit with Bearing
Bearing, Ceramic Bearing Set (FR)
Insulator Set
Shim with O ring Set
Case Screws Set
 ■ DC Motor
Farrell 23Turn Motor Black Label (3mm core/3Hole/with fan)
Farrell 23Turn Motor Red Label (4mm core/6Hole/with fan)
Eavan 19Turn Spec Motor
Kali Modified Motor 10Turn Double
Kali Modified Motor 11Turn Double
Kali Modified Motor 13Turn Double
Paradox 50Turn Motor
Club man 540 Stock Motor
 ■ DCMotor Brush
Local Motor Brush for Touring Car (1 pair)
Local Motor Brush for Touring Car (5 pair)
Special Motor Brush Laydown (1 pair)
Special Motor Brush Laydown (5 pair)
Ultra Silver X Motor Brush (1 pair)
Ultra Silver X Motor Brush (3 pair)
 ■ Motor Master
CTX-M Motor Master Platinum
Motor Mate
O-Ring 22mm for Motor Mate 3pcs
CTX-M Motor Master RPM Bushing
CTX-M Motor Master RPM Hole Rubber
 ■ Motor Accessories
CTX Modified Com Lathe Ver 2
Com Lathe Light
Diamond Bit 2
Motor Cooling
CTX-T Thermoelectric motor cooler
Motor & ESC Cooling Fan
Motor & ESC Ultra High RPM Cooling Fan
Motor & ESC SuperUltra High RPM Motor Cooling Fan
Motor Break-In Propeller (Large Type
Schottki Diode 5A (5pcs)
Schottki Diode PCB Type 12A
Primium Schottki Diode Unit
Noise Killer
Motor Capacitor 0.1mf (5pcs)
Noise Killer Clamp Filter
Noise Killer Clamp Filter Big for Charger
Motor Maintenance
Micro Comm Stick Tool Set
Micro Comm Stick Tool Replaceable
Commu Polisher Set
Motor Maintenance & Break-in Stand
Brush Setter
Brush Setter
EXP Brush Setter Cutting Blade
Brush best cutting Set
Motor Brush Holder Adjust Tool
Brush Holder Reseter (Nomal,Laydown Brush)
Triming Rod for DC Motor Brush & Holder Setup Tool
Stone Finisher for Stone Brush Setter Blade Adjust Tool
Stone Brush Setter Blade
Motor Gear Puller
Motor Pit Stand
Bearing Puller
Brushless Motor Bearing Puller
Wire Heatsink
Brush Nut Tool for Checkpoint Motor
Brush Tension Adjust Spacer Set for Checkpoint Motor
Motor Endbell Fan Posts
Motor&ESC cooling fans controller
Armature Tube Clear Color (5pcs)
Pro Armature Tube / Rubber Mount Type (5pcs)
Armature Tube RubberMount (5pcs)
Motor & Armature Box (include Arma Tube 6pcs)
Brushless cable
Sensor Cable 90mm for Brushless ESC
Sensor Cable 180mm for Brushless ESC
 ■ Battery Accessories
Battery Cooling system
Battery Heatshink 2 for Charge & Discharge
12v Cooling Fan Stand
Battery Warming
Battery Warming -Tray 2 (for Li-Po, LiFe, NiMH Battery)
Warming -Tray
Fireproof Safety Bag (LiPo&LiFe)
Shrink Film
Stick Pack Heat Shrink Tube(5pcs)
Single Cell Pack Heat Shrink Tube(20pcs)
Matched Battery Data Protect Film 30pcs
Stick Pack Building Kit
Battery Case
Li-Po Battery Box for Shorty, 1/12
Battery Box Type #3 (6packs storable)
Battery Box Set
Battery Box Set (middle box 1pcs, 6cell box 10pcs)
Battery Box for 6cell 5pcs
Battery Box Set 5cell (Large Box 1pcs, 5cell Box 10pcs)
Battery Box for 5cell 5pcs
Spare Large Box for MX-08
Battery Bar
Battery Bar SMH Type
Battery Bar All Type
Premium Battery Bar
L-Type End Bar
Premium L-Type End Bar
Premium L-Type Long End Bar
Mini Battery Bar (10pcs) for 2/3 Size Cell
Battery End Bar Jig (L Type Bar & Euro connector)
Soldering Station
Silicon wire
12 AWG Silver Wire
14 AWG Silver Wire
16 AWG Silver Wire
18 AWG Silver Wire
20 AWG Silver Wire
 ■ Connector
Banana connector
Banana Connectors
Hyper Banana Connectors (Red & Black Set)
7.2V Connector
7.2V Connector Tamiya
EP Gold Air Connector Set
Hyper Connector
Hyper Connector Set
Euro type
Euro Connector
Ultra 2P
Ultra 2P Connector
Servo, Mini scale
1/24 Connector Set(w/ Wire)
Connector Set(w/wire)For Kyosho Mini Inferno
BEC Silicon Connector M-100mm & F-100mm
BEC Connector Set(2pair)
Futaba Gold Servo Connector Set
Futaba Feamale Servo Connector (300mm)
Futaba Male Servo Connector (300mm)
Futaba EXT Lead (300mm)
Y-connector Futaba type (150mm)
Convertible connector
Reciever Connector Convertible to Tamiya Connector
BEC Connector Convertibleto to Tamiya Connector
EP Air Connector Convertible to Tamiya Connector
Glow Plug Convertible Connector to Tamiya Connector
1/24 Convertible Connector to Tamiya Connector
Mini Inferno Convertible to Tamiya Connector
Multi Charging Connector for TX, RX, Ultra, BEC
Servo wire
Servo Wire 22AWG (100cm)
Servo Wire 26AWG(100cm)
LiPo Cable
Premium Cell Balancer Adapter 2PS Type (Legend & Hybrid)
LiPo Cell Balancer 2S Multi Charging Cable JST-XH & 2P
LiPo Cell Balancer 2S Extension Charging Cable JST-XH (50cm)
LiPo Cell Balancer 2S Charging Cable JST-XH & TRX
Charging Lead
TX・RX Charging Lead (600mm) for Futaba&JR
Ultra 2P Connector Charging Lead (100mm)
TRX Connector Charging Lead (300mm)
Glow Booster Charging Lead (300mm)
Tamiya Connector Charging Lead (300mm)
2S Extension Balancing Cable Tamiya 2S <-> JST XH-7 (30cm)
 ■ Tire, Inner, Grip
Touring Tire
Absolute Touring Car Rubber Tire
Absolute Touring Car Rubber Tire Carpet compound
Absolute V Touring Car Rubber Tire
RUSH Touring Car Rubber Tire
Mini Radial Pre-Mount Rubber Tire
Closed Cell Inserts
Absolute HG Mold Tire Inserts
Absolute Closed Cell Tire Inserts
Mini Touring Car Inserts
Tire additives
NANO Tire Traction (On-Road, Off-Road)
Blue Sap (Rubber Tire Conditioner)
Red Sap (Rubber Tire Conditioner/Include Brush)
V-Made Acute Asphalt Tire Traction
V-Made Acute Carpet Tire Traction
V-Made Acute Carpet Tire Traction Red
Absolute Precision high rib wheel
Mini Touring Car Precision 5Sporke wheel
Wheel Balancer
MR-TDB3 Absolute Traction Dispense Bottle 40ml (2set)
MR-TDB2 Traction Dispense Bottle 40ml 2set
 ■ Tire management
Tire Warmer
IC Controlled Tire Warmer Platinum (Black LCD)
CTXW Marc Rheinard Ver (Black LCD, Blue Case)
CTXW Andy Moore Ver (Black LCD, Purple Case)
Tire Cookers for MM-CTXW
Tire Warmer Black Can Type 7.2-12V (Sorex, Pit Shimizu size)
Tire Warmer Blue Small Can Type 7.2-12V (Take off Size)
Tire Warmer Blue Small Can Type for MM-CTXW (Take off Size)
Tire Warmer Large Can Type for MM-CTXW
Warmer Controller
Warmer Controller 3080EVO
Tire Truer
Power Truer Rubber Tire Sande
 ■ Pit Acceosories
Part tray
Luxury Aluminum Part Tray 2
Luxury Aluminum Part Tray
Clock, Temperature, Humidity
Race Helper (clock,temperature,humidity)
Temp Tuning Screwdriver
CTX Temperature Gun
Car stand
Touring Car Maintenance stand
Off Road Buggy Maintenance stand
1/8 Off Road Buggy Maintenance stand
True Weight2 (weight checker)
Stop watch
RC Stopwach with USB Link
Pit towel
Team Pit Towel
 ■ Set-up Accessories
Set-up board
Shining Board (LED Light Setup Board DC12V)
Black Suit Setup Board
Light Weight Setup Board
Pro Rotor Blades Tachometer
 ■ Set-up Tool
Shock Tool
Multi Shock Maintenance Tool (Shock Shaft & Shock Body Plier)
HEX DRIVER (Allen Wrenches)
Hard Coating Allen Wrench (100 * 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0mm)
Hard Coating Ball Type Allen Wrench (100 * 2.0/2.5/3.0mm)
Camber Gauge
Quick Camber Gauge
TC body Gauge
Regulation Gauge2 for 1/10 Electric TC (ISTC,BRCA,EFRA,FEMCA,ROAR)
Turnbuckle wrench
Hard Chrome Turnbuckle Wrench
Ball diff Tool
Ball Diff Setting Plate
Diff Master
Height gauge
Luxury Aluminum Ride Height Gauge 2
Drop gauge
Stepped Chassis Droop Gauge & Support Blocks for 1/8, 1/10
4.5mm Wrench
4.5mm box wrench (for Motor & Mini-Z)
Ball End Reamer dia. 5mm
Hand Reamer dia. 3.05 mm (Double Lines)
Hand Tapping dia 3.00 mm
Hand Reamer dia 2.63 mm (One Lines)
Bearing Remover Tool
 ■ Body & Wing Accessories
Wonder Body with Fashion Wing for RB6
Body Reamer
Stainless Pro Body Clips (10pcs.)
Stainless Pro Body Clips Large (10pcs.)
Stainless Pro Body Clips, Cushion O ring Set
Body Cushion O ring
Primium Body Cushion O ring Set Black (20pcs.)
Aluminium Wing Washer
Stainless Body Scissor
 ■ Other Accessories
Color Strapping Tape
Double Side Tape
Pro Antenna Pipe Blue With Cap
Pro Antenna Pipe
Antenna Pipe Holder
Tire Scrub Brush
AG4 Super Solder
Balance Weight
Shrink Tube
Nylon Straps
 ■ Mini-Z
Aluminum Screw Round Head 2x6mm hex Blue (4PCS)
Aluminum Screw Round Head 2x8mm hex Blue (4PCS)
Hand Tapping dia 2.00 mm
MINI-Z Pinion Puller
Luxury Cooling Fan Stand (for MINI-Z)
MINI-Z Set Up Board Series
Mini-Z Wheel Offset Gage
Mini-Z Wheel Stocker Series
Spring Clip Remover
GP Starter Box
Off-Road CTX Starter Box Pro
Off-Road CTX Starter Box
On-Road CTX Starter Box
Rubber Starter Wheel CTX Starter Box
Starter Motor for CTX Starter Box
Aluminium Heavier Clutch Shoes
3P Carbon Clutch Shoe
Clutch Spring for Aluminium or 3P Carbon Clutch Shoes
Light Weight Clutch Nut
1/8 Offroad Pipe & Manifold Set
Exhaust Gasket Rubbe
Exhaust Springs
Premium Fuel Bottle
Premium Fuel Bottle Skin
Glow Plug・Clutch Nut Wrench (8mm・10mm Socket + 5mm Hex )
 ■ GP Accessories
Plug stocker
Glow Plug Stocker
Fuel tube
Silicone Tube
Aluminum Fuel Tube Holder
Muffler Post & Spring Set
Flange Muffler Spring (3pcs)
Manifold Spring
Engine Head gasket for NOVA12
Flywheel Puller Pro
Muffler Spring Tool
Piston Lock Tool
Pocket Booster
Indicator Pocket Booster
Perfect Pocket Booster
 ■ Screw and Spacer
Stainless Screw&Nut
Stainless Screw Round Head
Stainless Screw Flat Head
Stainless 3mm Nut
Stainless 3mm Nylon Nut
Spoiller screw
Polycarbonate Screw Set for Spoiler
Aluminum Spacer
Color Aluminum Adjust Spacer
Color Aluminum Adjust Spacer3.0φ
Color Aluminum Adjust Spacer4.0φ
Color Aluminum Adjust Spacer5.0φ
 ■ Chemical
Speed Cleaner 3 Motor Cleaning Spray
Shock Slime (5g)
Thrust Grease (5g)
Joint Grease (5g)
Diff Grease (5g) for Ball Diff
V-Made Shock Slime
V-Made Shock Slime
V-Made Ball Diff Grease
C.A Instant Glue for Rubber Tires (20g)
V-Made Instant Glue for 1/8, 1/10 Buggy & Touring Car Rubber Tires
C.A Instant Glue for Spong Tires (20g)
C.A Instant Fine Extension (3 pcs)
C.A Instant Fine Extension type2 (5pcs)
Oil Bottle
Dispense Bottle
Shock Oil
100% Silicone Shock Oil
100% Silicone Shock Oil Large Type
Screw Lock
Screw Lock (Medium)
Airfilter Oil
Airfilter Oil
Silicone Diff Oil
Premium silicone diff oil #1000
Premium silicone diff oil #3000
Premium silicone diff oil #5000
Premium silicone diff oil #7000
Premium silicone diff oil #10000
 ■ Shock O-ring
Oil Mix Silicone O ring
Oil Mix Silicone Diaphragm
Shock Pressure Seat Set
Perfect Silicone O ring
Atushi Hara Silicone O ring
Shock O-Ring Rod
5mm Hardened Steel Motor Pinion Gear 12~21T
Hardened Steel Motor Pinion Gear 15~21T 48Pitch
 ■ Bearing
Racing Bearing Set for 540 size Motor 2pcs
Brushless Motor Bearing Set for LRP Vector 2pcs
Brushless Motor Bearing Set for Novak 2pcs
Brushless Motor Bearing Set for Speed Passion, Orion 2pcs
Dry Racing Bearing
Dry Racing Bearing 6×2×2.5 (10pcs)
Dry Racing Bearing 6×3×2.5 (10pcs)
Dry Racing Bearing 7×3×3 (10pcs)
Dry Racing Bearing 7×4×3 (10pcs)
Dry Racing Bearing 8×4×3 (10pcs)
Dry Racing Bearing 8×5×2.5 (10pcs)
Dry Racing Bearing 9×5×3(10pcs)
Dry Racing Bearing 10×5×4(10pcs)
Dry Racing Bearing 10×6×3(10pcs)
Dry Racing Bearing 11×5×4(10pcs)
Dry Racing Bearing 12×6×4(10pcs)
Dry Racing Bearing 12×8×3.5(10pcs)
Dry Racing Bearing 13×6×5(10pcs)
Dry Racing Bearing 15×10×4(10pcs)
Dry Racing Bearing 18×12×4(10pcs)
Off-Road Racing Bearing 16×8×5 (10pcs)
1/8 Buggy
A7 Ceramic Bearing 10×5×4 (2pcs)
1/10 Ball Diff
3mm Ceramic Diff Ball (12pcs) for Cyclone TC, Tamiya 415
1/16in Ceramic Thrust Ball (8pcs)
Mini-z Racing Bearing Set (for F1,MR-01/015/02)
Mini-z Racing Bearing Set (for mini-z overland)
Mini-z Racing Bearing Set (for mini-z monster)
Mini-z Racing Bearing Set (for AWD)
 ■ Soft goods
Logo decal
ISTC MR Logo Decal White/Black background Standard
ISTC MR Logo Decal Black/White background Standard
ISTC MR Logo Decal Red/White background Standard
ISTC MR Logo Decal Blue/White background Standard
Much-More Head Logo Decal
Team T-shirt
2012 World Champion Team T-Shirt
Team Wear Special T-Shirt Red
Team Wear Special T-Shirt Black
World Champoin Team T-Shirt
Much More Racing Team T-Shirt White
Much More Racing Team T-Shirt Black
Team Sweartshirt
Team Wear World Sweatshirt
Tean Hood
Team Wear Special Hood Sweatshirt Red
Team Wear Special Hood Sweatshirt Black
Team Cap
Special Team Head Gear Cap Frexfit