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date : 19-03-04 13:56
Jake Thayer joins Muchmore Racing

Muchmore is very excited to announce the signing of Jake Thayer to our Factory Race Team!

Jake is very well known in the southern California area as being one of the best talents on the track and off. His dedication to our hobby is something special and is even more reason why he has been on our radar for sometime. Jake will also play a key roll in the testing & development of our Spec line of products to compete at the highest level.

Here is a quote from Jake,

"I couldn't be more excited to be apart of the Muchmore Racing Team for 2019 and beyond! I've been a big fan of the Muchmore product line for years and it continues to grow with the highest quality of cutting edge electronics and accessories. I'd like to thank Yusuke (Koba) Kobayashi & Joe Pillars for this great opportunity to be apart of the Muchmoremovement


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