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● MM-WTK2 Warming -Tray (Battery Warmer for CM) Black
● MM-WTB2 Warming -Tray (Battery Warmer for CM) Blue
● MM-WTP2 Warming -Tray (Battery Warmer for CM) Purple
Keep your battery pack warm under cold ambient temperatures.
New warming technology for LiPo and NiMH battery performance.
The Warming Tray 2 is a warmer that can heat up your battery packs before charging in the winter season.
A cold battery may loose punch(which means lower average voltage than usual) if you charge without any warming.
The Warming Tray can be connected to Cell Master charger or Warmer Controller 3080.
It has a thermical wire inside and will keep target temperature where you set to.
Li-Po battery compatible
(available separately)
Warming Tray 2 is designed and optimized for Li-Po battery was designed.
The Flat surface inside is heated up to keep the battery in the best condition.
All-aluminum Shell
Warming Tray 2 has an all-aluminum shell for good thermal conductivity and to ensure the battery is warmed evenly.
Safety plate for charging Saddle Pack.
To avoid short circuits, the safety plate keeps in safety when charging a battery.
Because of two charge clips do not touch each other due to the short circuit can prevent accidents.
The magnet
for thermo-sensor
The Warmer Tray 2 has a magnet on the side so it's easy to mount a temperature sensor.
Cell Master Legend and Warmer Controller 3080
The Warmer Tray 2 can be connected to a Legend charger or Warmer Controller 3080 (#MR-38EV)