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FLETA USB Link V1.9 Pc Program (ENG)
ME-FLP2K FLETA PRO V2 Brushless ESC Black
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FLETA USB Link V1.9 Pc Program (ENG)

We have developed new firmware for Muchmore Racing 1/10 ESC for last 10 months. Many of Muchmore drivers have participated in the development and optimized the firmware to achieve the best performance out of it. Our Team Driver, Mark Rheinard won ETS Round 1 with the brand new firmware. Also, Ryan Cavalieri had great results at IFMAR World Championship. Also, other Muchmore Racing`s factory Stock Drivers show great results in Race with the new firmware. 

New firmware can be used in Muchmore FLETA PRO, PRO V2 and FLETA EURO.
We are confident that you will achieve amazing performance with new firmware!

New Firmware introduction.

- Blinky V1.5R or Expert V1.5R all new firmware.

Neutral dead band
Changed to setup range. (4, 6, 8%)

Power Level 
Change to single stage . previous version is two stage
Value Level 1 to 30 
You can setup for more widely throttle response feeling

BT(Bottom) Soft Power
Modified drivers often feel the power of the bottom throttle is too aggressive. 
Little throttle input usually brings too much power to the car and make it hard to control at the corners.“Bottom Soft Power ” means the strength of  bottom soft power effect. The higher the “Bottom Soft Power ”  value, the more obvious the softening effect.

BT(Bottom) Soft TH Range 
“Bottom Soft TH Range ” means the specific throttle range within which Bottom Soft Power effect will be generated. For example if you set this item to 20%, then the “Bottom Soft Power ” will be generated within the throttle range between 0% and 20%.

Brake Rate Control 
This item is used to control the brake response. It’s adjustable from 1 to 20 (step: set up value "1" the lower the brake rate, the more limit on the brake response. A suitable rate can help driver to brake his vehicle properly. Generally, you can set it to a high value to have a quick brake response if you are proficient at brake control.

It allows the motor to gradually lower RPM when reducing the throttle from full or near full speed back to neutral. The vehicle will not abruptly slow when the throttle is reduced to return to the neutral position. The bigger the value, the more the “COAST” will be felt. For example, COAST of 0 deactivates, and a COAST of 10% would be the maximum amount of COAST.

Auto Boost RPM
Boost Timing Activation 'Auto" boost pickup super linear work
Please update this point more fast pickup boost timing. 
Add "Max. Motor RPM Reset" menu
You can remove the Max RPM reset on the menu.
Correct check Max RPM every run.

Add Brake Frequency Vale
Brake Frequency Vale add 0.5KHz
Over 21,5T motor setup this mode more direct break feeling.

Easy Change Blinky Mode(Support Expert V1.5 Firmware)
When you setup 0(zero) "Turbo Timing" "Boost Timing" Green LED blinking.
You can race Expert Firmware possible to race Blinky class.

- 1-8 ESC M8 V2.4 firmware

V2.4 firmware provided smother acceleration.
Also, upgraded stronger against shock, thermal protection shut down system.

Caution: Please check below matching chart before SHR program card and ESC firmware update.
If using improper firmware may cause failure.  

Download " file.
Unzip the downloaded file.

Click "MuchMore V1.9 Setup" file for setup.

FLETA USB Link V1.9 Pc Program (ENG)
Click 'Next' Button

Click 'Next' Button

Click 'Next' Button

Click 'Next' Button

Click 'Install' Button

Installing 'FLETA USB Link V1.8 program in the PC'


When the installation is complete, THE USB Driver setup screen appears.

Click 'Next' Button

Check the 'I accept this agreement' and Click 'Next' button


Click 'Finish' Button'
Installed 'Muchmore Racing FLETA USB Link V1.9 program in the PC'

If you cannot install to PC. Check the compatibility.

[ FLETA USB Link V1.9 How to used ]

Do not forget to disconnect the battery with the connector when the PC connect the program card certainly.
Please pay attention to this point especially, connect +,- has been causing huge damage.

Caution 1.
If you use KO Propo`s Receiver, Remove ESC connector from your KO PROPO`s receiver.
Caution 2.  (If you use FLETA PRO V2 or FLETA M8 ESC)
Before connecting USB cable to your PC, make sure switch position is ON.

Caution 3.  (If you use FLETA EURO V2)

Firstly connect the battery with ESC, then connect SHR program card with ESC.
Click ESC at Device section, turn on ESC.
(Caution: Do not disconnect the battery before firmware update is complete. 

Click the icon of 'Muchmore Racing FLETA USB Link V1.9' and run this program.


Once the card is connected to the program, 'USB' Connection is turned on.

The person who first used the firmware, please SHR Program Card firmware update firstly.
    Without the firmware program, it does not operate normally.

- Check -
    Top menu > Device > Program Card
    In case of the connecting, mark 'ON' - 'Program Card Connected'
    If not, Please check your cable connecting firmly. 

Choose the FLETA SHR VX.XX in the Change Firmware. Click the PROGRAM CARD FIRMWARE SAVE' button.
Please wait until finishing the text of ready box in the bottom part (running 1~100% and pop the finished text).
Do not remove the connector during the update the firmware, this may cause the equipment failure.
 Top menu > Device > ESC
In case of the connecting, mark 'ON' - 'ESC Connected'
(If you used to FLETA EURO V2 ESC, turn on ESC)

Choose menu what you want Firmware. Click the ESC FIRMWARE SAVE' button.
Please wait until finishing the text of ready box in the bottom part (running 1~100% and pop the finished text).
Do not remove the connector during the update the firmware, this may cause the equipment failure.

After done, TOP Menu > Device > Fix mode.
If do not,  this may cause the equipment failure.