Muchmore Racing

●  MR-SLR    Super Linear Regulator for 7.4V Li-Po(Receiver) 
●  MR-RID    Li-Po Battery Volt Indicator (7.4V Regulator Option) 


Output Max.current Size Weight Recommended for
6.0V 5.0A 17 x 34 x 6mm 8.7g 1/12, 1/10, 1/8
- Features -
For Li-Po Battery: 2 cell series (7.4V) to
Input wire length: 9cm
Output wire length: 13cm
Connector: Futaba 3pins (the battery) / J type 3pins (the receiver)
Regulator: Linear Low Drop Out

●Super Linear Regulator.
As a former regulator, unit regulates the voltage of battery at 6.5V at high grip with resistance.
Stable current voltage at servo.

●Li-Po Battery Volt Indicator
Option to indicate the battery status and prevents over discharge..

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