Muchmore Racing

●  MM-CTXPMP    CTX-PM Power Master Mini / 7A Purple 
●  MM-CTXPMK    CTX-PM Power Master Mini / 7A Black 
●  MM-CTXPMB    CTX-PM Power Master Mini / 7A Blue 

- Specifications -
Input AC100~240ACV 50~60Hz (Auto adjusting) Constant current 80-110V 6.5A/200-240V 8.0A
Peak current 15A/0.5sec Adjustable output voltage 11.5V~13.8V
Dimensions 160 x 70 x 45mm Weight 375g
- Features -
New output terminals for European style connectors(CB-01,CB-02 European connectors) and big alligator clips. 3 choices of color/colour (Black, Blue or Purple). Power cable is included. Overload, short circuit and heat protector. Single cooling fan increases power efficiency and keeps power supply cool when the weather is hot.
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