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●  MLSG-4SLCG6000FD4    IMPACT Silicon Graphene FD4 LCG 6000mAh / 14.8V 130C Hard Case 
- Product Detail View -

New 4S IMPACT Silicon Graphene Li-Po Battery release.

6000mAh high capacity and strong 130C rate in super compact and light weight design.

Suitable for 1/8 Electric Buggy and Truggy

The balance connector only needs to be connected when charging.
- Specifications -
Capacity 6500mAh Dimensions 143.7x47x37mm
Voltage rating 14.8V C-rate 130C
Weight 470g Style 4S Hard Case Type
Application 1/8 Electric Buggy and Truggy Connector 4mm
Balancing connector XH Type
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