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●  MR-ACMK    Aluminum Capacitor Mount Black for FLETA EURO V2 
●  MR-ACMO    Aluminum Capacitor Mount Orange for FLETA EURO V2 
●  MR-ACMR    Aluminum Capacitor Mount Red for FLETA EURO V2 
- Product Detail View -

Aluminum Capacitor Mount for FLETA EURO V2 is available in 3 colors.
(Black, Orange, Red Colors)


Use it by attaching it to a capacitor as shown in the picture.
(You can also attach using double-sided tape or glue)


Super lightweight design does not affect vehicle setup.
( Weight : 1.00g )

It is a picture mounted on a real vehicle.

- Specifications -
Size 13.5 x 10.8 x 5mm Weight 1g
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