Muchmore Racing

●  MR-PS500    Precision Scale (weight checker 500gx0.01g). 
- Product Detail View -
Muchmore Racing precision scale is used to assemble the Diff or check the parts.
Muchmore Racing precision scale is compact size and light weight.
easy-to-read backlit LCD display.

 Include to cover and pouch, protect to product.

- Specifications -
Power Auto Power off offer 1 min few without operation Working Temperature 10 ~ 30C
LCD Display 5 Digital LCD Display Back Light White
Power Supply AAA x 2 Size 116 x 64 x 17mm
Weight 95.6g Salver Size 62.2 x 53.7mm
Unit Switch G, CT, DWT, OZT, GN, T, OZ Capacity 500g x 0.01g
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