Muchmore Racing

●  XST011    FLEX Spring G8/C2.4 30 BLUE 
●  XST012    FLEX Spring G8/C2.5 30 SILVER 
●  XST013    FLEX Spring G8/C2.6 25 PINK 
●  XST014    FLEX Spring G8/C2.7 30 RED 
●  XST015    FLEX Spring G8/C2.8 YELLOW 
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Muchmore Racing with X-GEAR introduce the "FLEX SPRING G8" set for electric touring car.
Containing four different rates of C2.4, 2.5,2.6,2.7 and 2.8 the set is designed to cover the needs of asphalt track and carpet track.
"FLEX" spring design is 25mm long and they offer an oversize diameter of 13.5mm.
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